Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Halloween Edition- only 11 days late!

So, I am a little late. But, here are our Halloween cuties. Princess Fiona, Tinkerbell and Thomas the Tank Engine all hope that you had a great Halloween too. Princess Fiona did not know her own name, only that she was the Shrek Princess (a movie which she has never seen by the way.)
Tinkerbell acutally picked out a Daphne (from Scooby-Doo) costume, but decided at the last minute that grabbing something from the dress up box was just easier than a wig and weird shoe things. Thomas the Tank Engine didn't want to wear a costume, including the hat, but once the candy thing got going he completely forgot about it and was just about as excited as a three year old can get.

This is the best picture I could get of the three of them. Seriously. They had a great time on Halloween and loved every minute of the few pieces of candy they got to eat. What's even better is they rarely asked for the candy after Halloween. I had to get rid of most of it just so I wouldn't eat it myself. My favorites this year were twizzlers, milk duds and kit-kats. I think I overdid it on Butterfingers last year, as they held no appeal for me this year. We do need to train Chase a little better though, he ended up with about a dozen almond joys a handful of mounds. No one in this house will eat those! But, if any of you out there enjoy them let me know and I will save them just for you next year!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who potty trained that kid?

This is how to thoroughly confuse a little boy when potty training.

1) insist that he sit backwards on the potty when first learning to go.

2) realize that he has to completely strip from the waist down to sit on the potty backwards

3) realize that stripping from the waist down will not go over so well in preschool.

4) insist that he stand up to pee, but of course with the seat up

5) bribe and beg him to stand up to pee so he can go to preschool

6) try to have him sit forwards on the potty so he doesn't have to strip and can still go to preschool

7) have him pee all over you, the nanny and the floor while sitting forward on the potty

8) bribe and beg again for him to stand up to pee - preschool is really important people!

9) let him decide how he wants to use the potty

10) be happy that now he stands up to pee, but still sits backwards to go #2

I can just imagine the thoughts in poor Chase's head.

Chase thinking- "I need to pee, so I stand up and put this seat thingy up. Wait, I actually need to go #2, so I guess I'll just sit down. Wow, this feels different and what is this seat doing here in front of me. I thought I was supposed to sit on it. I guess I still can sit on it , if I can just get it over my head. Oh now what do I do? I thought my legs were supposed to be under this thing. I guess I just put it back up. Oh great, I think I am......."

Chase screaming- " Mooooommmmmyyyy, I is stuck!!!!!"

He's not going to preschool until January. I guess we still have some time.