Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is Mason. He is two years old and he completely runs this house. He has his dad wrapped around his finger, as well as his Nana and the next door neighbor, Olivia. He loves chocolate milk, and chocolate covered cherries. He likes to repeat lines from TV shows like Jake and the Never Land Pirates. "Let's grab them and gooooooooooooo." He is afraid of the dogs and says they are going to eat him. He is driving me crazy because he is in the "I do it myself" stage. Getting out the door and into the car seat takes 6 times longer than it needs to because of his independence. When we ask him to do something (like help clean up....) he says, "No, I can't. I super super tired." He likes the word super. A lot. "I super tired, I super cold, That's super scary." He doesn't like most food, but will usually try almost anything that a grown up is eating. He has a little stuffed bear that he call is "doll" and he is frequently looking for it. He misses the big kids when they are at school and so he follows me around and makes commentary on what I am doing. It's pretty cute. We love him and are glad he is ours!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pictures of the House

Welcome to our house! I love driving by the house, and I do it frequently. I rarely get out and walk around, but today I decided to go in and take some pictures. I was so excited because no one was there working on the house so Mason and I got to explore without feeling like we were getting in the way. I must have come during a lunch break because there was a radio blaring in the basement. The house is all sheet rocked and primed, and there are piles of wood for the floors all around, but at least you can see some progress.

This is the entry way. My camera does not have a very wide lens, so it looks a little cramped, but it doesn't feel that way. The permanent stairs should be going in this week. Which is great because Abby refuses to go up the temporary stairs anymore because they scare her. She doesn't like going in the house because of her self imposed confinement to the first floor.
This is the view from the deck, which is right off the kitchen. It's beautiful. We have conservation land behind us so it will never be developed. It might not be developed, but it is inhabited by Bears and apparently Rattlesnakes. (Bears- true and verified by all the neighbors, Rattlesnakes, something Abby heard from a friend?)

This is the view looking from the family room into the kitchen. The sliding doors go out to the deck. The small area of dropped ceiling will be above our (massive) island.

The opposite view. Now you are looking into the family room from the kitchen. Mason is jumping for joy about our new house!!!
Since there really isn't much to see without floors etc.. I decided to include some of the more interesting rooms. This room above is Madison's room. It has two dormers, which give the room a lot of character. She has a closet and then a the other door is to the jack and jill bathroom she and Abby will share.

We are not finishing the basement yet, but as you can see we have these full length windows and two sliding glass doors. It's a great space and will be amazing when it is finished. The cement bricks are where the fireplace will go.

This is the back view of the house. You can see the sliding doors here. The backyard is mostly flat, with a hill coming down from the driveway area. Then at the back of the property there is a drop off (maybe 4 feet) to the conservation area. We wanted a flat yard so they had to do a lot of grading to get is as flat as possible. We are pretty happy with the results.

So that's it for now. It's been fun, but I am so anxious to get it finished. I'll get some more pictures when the floors go in and some of the trim work.