Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Chase Learned about High School Today

We frequently see the high school cross country team running through town after school. Today we saw them running through the neighborhood. Since we have discussed the team before and who they are and what they are doing, today Madison said, "Those are high schooler, right?" They were slowing down and they all looked wiped out- so I made some comment about how they looked tired and hot. Most of the boys were shirtless and sweaty. Apparently, Chase was studying them carefully.

As we drove past Chase declared, "Mom, you know I know all about high schoolers."

I said, "Really, what do you know Chase."

"High schoolers only have pants."

It took me just a few seconds to burst out laughing. I am sure Chase is looking forward to those carefree shirtless high school days. I don't even think he noticed the fully clothed girls.