Monday, June 8, 2009

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

This witch was last seen on 6/8/09 at approximately 6:30pm Pacific Time. This witch was going to "rescue the girls and fight them with my big sword." The jury is still out on the good witch vs. bad witch controversy.Oh WAIT- you're not a witch at all!!

This particular Cinderella was last seen 3/3/09 at approximately 3:00pm. Just like the witch above, Cinderella was also, "going to rescue the girls..." but I think a rescue rope was involved rather than a sword. I wonder how much the girls enjoy being rescued?

They probably enjoy this much more. The Witch/Cinderella did not enjoy this quite as much as the girls and stood in that exact position for most of the afternoon, wanting to try but just lacking a little bit of courage.Isn't it great that they make 3 lane slip and slides? Anything that comes in 3's is a good thing in our house. Taking turns HAPPILY (is that a word?) isn't always the easiest task in our home. Now we are just waiting for the weather to heat up again so we can slip and slide the summer away!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nanny needed now!!!

Ok - so I've come to the realization that several things about my summer, when added up are not likely to equal a very fun or happy summer for our little family.

Tired, anemic, pregnant mommy + Apraxic kid + ADHD kid + no meds + intensive speech and OT therapy for one kid+ art therapy for another kid + one kid with a thyroid disorder + daddy working late, but hopefully not traveling + Nana and Grandpa on a mission in Africa + a desire to maintain a schedule and a decently clean house + A NEW BABY = Nanny needed now!!!!

I am on a search for a nanny for the summer. We have a cleaning lady, so that part is ok. So, if you know anyone who might be interested let me know. I am thinking around 30 hours a week through the summer. I know it sounds like a lot, but that's what I am going to need after the baby comes to get everyone everywhere they need to be! So we'll do it for a few weeks before the baby comes too.

Now I am going to make yummy mac and cheese for my two kids who have been watching way too much Noggin and my one child who just practically impaled herself with a very long stick while pretending it was a trumpet and now has some nice gashes on the roof of her mouth and tonsils. Gross huh! Why would a long stick be in her mouth you wonder? Ahh- if you knew her you would not wonder. You would tell me to get a Nanny!