Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Best Thing About Our Christmas Vacation

Watching my kids learn to ski from the cozy comfort of the Brighton Lodge was by far the most exciting and awesome thing I have done in a long time. They were amazing! We got a private lesson for the three of them with Dave. They loved him. They loved skiing. I couldn't have been more proud! Can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To Sum it Up

I believe I told you that it was a bad idea to invite us over. Some of you didn't listen and invited us anyway. Luckily, you are family and have to like us even when.....

A police officer shows up during Christmas Dinner because some little person dialed 911.
Hmmm.. Maybe she wanted another ride.

A pencil is found and some little person decides a door is a great place to color.

Always looking so innocent..... Or freezing. Hard to tell.

A cute, glass, snowman cup holding hershey kisses crashes to the floor and shatters when some little person tries to get if off the counter.
It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. But not very much fun to get nothing at all.

A glass picture frame is broken and a little cousin is injured (not by the picture frame, but by a toy being thrown at him) when some little person gets very hyper when babysitters are in charge.
He does look rather menacing in this picture. He was very sorry. I promise.

A toilet overflows and FLOODS a bathroom when some little person uses WAY too much toilet paper - GROSS!
Yay- that was just GROSS Madi. Let's not do that again, ok?

I need another vacation - by myself- to recover from the vacation we just took. I think vacation is the wrong word to use when traveling with kids. It's probably a good thing the damage and destruction was shared among three houses rather than all piled on one household.

I know they will grow up and it will get easier. It would just be nice if someone could tell me WHEN!!!!!

And, interestingly enough, our oldest and generally most difficult child didn't do anything on the list above. Hmmmm... maybe she actually is growing up!!!!