Friday, November 16, 2012


We had a Figure Skater, a Pirate, A Crazy Scientist with a Moonstone (Lego Monster Fighter Guy)/Vampire and a Power Rangers Samurai.  It was a cold night.  I was happy to stay at home and hand out candy.

This was before the Ward Halloween Party.  Mason wouldn't wear his costume.  He is standing behind Abby.  If you look close you can see his sleeve.

This was on Halloween night.  We figured out Mason just didn't want to wear the mask.  Once we told him he didn't have to he was happy to wear the rest of the costume.  Madi's face is classic.  Typical Madi. Chase decided the Crazy Scientist wasn't working for him and wanted to be a vampire.  I personally like the Crazy Scientist better, but oh well.

We also had a visiting Hamster.  Hunter the Hamster to be exact.  Chase looks like he thinks the others are crazy.  Aren't kids so fun to photograph!  They never all look good at the same time.  I loved Hunter's expression in this picture.

We also made a Haunted Gingerbread House.  Well, actually, the kids and their babysitter made it.  They love their babysitter, Tori.

We went for a Hike.

I think I make this blog more difficult than it needs to be.  I always think I need a lot of time to explain what we have been doing.  I am going to try a different plan.

On October 7th, 2012 we went for a Hike.  My parents were visiting, the kids had the day off school- so we hiked up to Heublein Tower in Simsbury.  We had a good time.  Gordon couldn't come and Chase had bedhead hair.  And, my sunglasses always seem to be on the top of my head.  Especially when I can't find them in my purse.  Aren't the views pretty?