Monday, March 9, 2009

It's all tied up now.

The line can be drawn, the big room repainted, the teams are now equal. Yes, the future holds many boys vs. girls activities for us, 3 on one side, 3 on the other. The baby is a BOY!!!! I am so excited. I wanted a boy, and believe me there is no mistaking it, this baby is a boy. Even I could tell. He was not being shy, or modest for that matter. He was wiggling all around, and isn't it the cutest thing when you see the baby inside of you sucking on his little itty bitty hand! You can hardly feel he is there, but boy oh boy he is sucking, swallowing, practice breathing, and doing all kinds of acrobatic feats inside you! What a truly amazing thing. What a blessing- one I truly doubted I would ever get to experience - way back when. Now I just have to convince Gordon that the name I like is the one and only perfect name for our new baby boy. I'll let you know if my powers of persuasion are successful.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Favorite Things

Life has been a little trying lately and whenever I feel like posting I am afraid I will just end up complaining. So, I have decided to think positively and pull the good out of the last few weeks.

Chase- his favorites right now are scissors and knives, "Don't Break the Ice" game, sleeping on the floor in Mommy and Daddy's room, wormy worms (gummy worms) and calling everyone stinky. He loves to be part of the group and can easily convince his sisters to play Captain Hook with him using clothes hangers as his hooks. He as a pretty cool scar from the cut on his head that required 4 staples to close up. He looked like Frankenstein for a few days, but didn't cry a bit when the staples were removed. And, no, he didn't get the cut from the scissors or knives he is obsessed with (we strictly limit him to plastic play knives, and we take the scissors away when ever he gets his little hands on them.) He actually cut his head while colliding with a corner of the cinder block wall at church while I was getting the gym set up for the Blue and Gold dinner. Lots of blood, not much fun!

Madi- she has always loved stuffed animals and cuddly things. She seems to have a split personality and can be sweet and affectionate one minute and then screaming like a crazy person the next minute (and she's not upset, just playing!) She loves oatmeal, and wearing her jacket all day long. She has a BFF at school named Drew, but she is good friends with most of the boys in her class. She loved coming to the Blue and Gold dinner because her BFF at church is one of our scouts names Ryan. We are a little worried about her teenage years given her propensity to befriend the boys.

Abby- have you ever read the book "Raising your Spirited Child"? This is Abby in a nutshell. She loves everyone and everything, but if you tell her no she will let you know you have "ruined her life forever!" She is one of the most creative beings I have ever been around and sees potential for fun and excitement in every thing she sees. She likes to get messy and she adores her sister and brother. In the past few weeks her favorite things have been going out to dinner at Benihana with just mom and dad, making scrambled eggs all by herself almost every morning, helping daddy take care of Dutch by taking him to the vet, and teaching us an impromptu lesson all about temples at FHE (apparently you get to have a party in the temple when you get adopted or married, but at the party you have to sit still, be reverent and fold your arms.)

My favorite thing right now is Peanut Butter Cup Perfection Ice Cream from Cold Stone. Yum! And I am so excited for my 20 week (I will actually be 21 weeks) ultrasound next week. We will share the news- what do you think- boy or girl? My obgyn keeps saying its a girl based on the heartbeat range, but I don't know. (He doesn't either, he is just teasing me.)

Gordon's favorite things- right now he's pretty happy that he still has lots of work. Given the economy, we are all happy about that! He is in Miami right now, so I can't ask him his favorite things. Here's a short list- sushi, the tv show "Chuck", dreaming about a new truck, and his beautiful and incredibly talented wife! Hee Hee.

Happy Tuesday to all of you!