Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About That One Day....

So, I was going through some pictures when I happened upon a series of photos I took documenting one of the craziest days ever in our family. And, since this blog is for posterity sake I probably should document it while it is still in my memory. And notice, I didn't say fresh in my memory, because it's already fading. So with my post (4) baby brain, which brain should excuse any and all craziness on my part, I will attempt to recreate this miserable, awful, no good, very bad day.

But first a little timeline, just so you can understand the depth of the miserableness.
Saturday, July 18th, 2009- Mason was born.
Monday- Mason and I came home from the hospital.
Tuesday- we had to take Mason to Oakland Children's Hospital for a check with a Cardiologist. (He was born with a small hole in his heart. It's still there, but not a big problem. But a stressful experience nonetheless- wait... is that a real word?)
That brings us to Wednesday.
Oh, Wednesday.....

It all started out fine, until Chase decided to be a good big brother and open a toy for Mason that was all nice and tight in it's packaging. Even with 4 adults standing inches away, rather than asking for help he decided that with his amazing (really, truly amazing) scissor skills he would DO IT HIMSELF. First, we hear Chase scream. Then we hear Gordon yell. Then the girls panic. Then the blood came. I handed the baby to my mother in law, grabbed some towels and immediately got in the car and told Gordon to drive to Urgent Care. After an hour long scream fest wrestling match we emerged with a little finger looking so sad like this.

It had to be wrapped for days like this.
Chase called it his poor finger. We would ask him to do something like shut a door, or clear his plate and he would make a sad face and say, "I can't because of my poo-uh poo-uh fing-uh."

We got home from Urgent Care and I was exhausted. I was sitting on the couch and Madi was in the kitchen. I don't know what possessed the child to do it, but she decided to go ahead and see if the stove just happened to be hot. Well, it was. And I thought she was just being dramatic to get attention. You know, because Chase had gotten a lot of attention so it was just her turn. So I told her to stop crying and that she was ok. When I finally got around to really looking at her finger (yes.. a few days later - I had a newborn!!!) this is what I saw. Can I just say- Mommy guilt galore!

So a few hours after the Madi drama, we had a check up with a home health nurse. Besides all the wounds that had happened earlier in the morning, I was pretty sure everything was fine with the baby and I wasn't too worried about it. The nurse was friendly and kind and very sweet as she explained to me that I was UNDER-FEEDING my baby.

I was ready to cry.

I guess it's true what they say. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

Just Kidding- Abby is feeding a plump and healthy 1 month old Mason in this picture!

Aye, Aye, Aye .... Stitches, burns and starvation. That's what we are all about here.

I am relieved to say that 7 months later all signs of that day are almost completely gone. Chase and Madison hardly have any scars and I am pretty sure Mason recovered from the earlier diet that he was apparently on.

He's a cute little chubby guy!

So, I won't feel bad if you never want me to watch your kids. I think I would understand. Days like this make it easier to feel good about the fact that Mason is our last baby. What would one more baby do to my brain? It's probably better not to find out!