Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The 5 Senses

We all remember the five senses right? Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. (an embarrassing confession - I had to look them up, I kept forgetting taste.) I was just thinking this afternoon how useful the sense of smell has become in my day to day parenting experience. For example...

This afternoon:

Abby-"Mom, Madison ate all of the cinnamon bread. She did, she ate it all gone."
Me- "Let me smell your mouth."
Abby - (without letting me near her face) "Well, I just had one piece, and Madison had like five pieces."

This morning:

Me-"Madison, did you brush your teeth and hands?"
Madison- "Yes."
Me -"Let me smell your mouth and hands."
Madison- (as she runs back to the bathroom) "Ok, ok, ok, ok..."

A few days ago:

I smelled the ominous smell of some sort of cleaning supply, and I was clearly not cleaning. I ran upstairs.

Me- huge gasp, "Chase, what are you doing spraying Goo Gone all over your feet." and all over the carpet by the way...
Chase - "I'n just cleaning them."
Me- (in a panic, how on earth did he get that!) "Did you put it in your mouth?"
Chase- "Um no, um yes, um no."
Me- throwing him in the bath tub "Open your mouth this instant and let me smell"
Chase - "Ok"

He opened his mouth wide and I was more than relieved to smell nothing more than Cinnamon Toast Crunch on his sweet breath! What a relief. Time to childproof everything again, especially since Chase has a certain attraction to knives, scissors (see the following pic), sticks and, apparently, cleaning products. He looks so innocent. Do not be deceived!

Anyone else have close calls with cleaning products, unwanted haircuts, or tricky ways to get the truth out of their little ones? Please share.

Hello blogland!

(aren't Madi and Chase cute holding hands!)

Well, after months of spending countless hours reading all about the lives of strangers in blogland, I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own blog. My husband will laugh and say he knew it was just a matter of time. My kids will be further neglected, and someday they will probably be embarassed that their crazy adventures will be posted for all to see. But, there is often too much humor and craziness in our life to keep to ourselves- we just need to share!

You are probably wondering- why the title -"Where'd they get that hair?" When I think about how the general public responds to us as a family when we are out and about, this is by far the most frequently asked question we get. Do all families get asked questions by perfect strangers when they are out? Maybe or maybe not, but we certainly do. When we are out together (with or without Gordon) we generally get one of three responses by many people we come in contact with. The most frequent is the question, "Where'd they get that hair- you have one of each. Brown, Red and Blonde" Why yes we do! The second is, "Where did they get those curls?" Poor Chase just gets forgotten in those moments. The last is "Boy, you have your hands full." And, most of the time I literally do. Full of two curly topped girls, one red head and one brown, and one blonde little boy!
What questions/comments do you get when you are out?